Our Story

Jim Royal moved to Peachtree City from Lakeland, Florida in 1976. After spending five years on a submarine in the Navy, he had hoped to start something new. As fate would have it, Partners II Pizza was born from an idea Jim had one day after he and his brother wanted to go to lunch in Peachtree City, quickly realizing that their dining options were very limited. It was in that moment Jim decided to utilize the RotoFlex oven he had kept from a previous restaurant in Florida and procure the vacant Brother’s men’s clothing store, located at the end of the Aberdeen Village Shopping Center. Partners II Pizza (there is no Partners I) was named only days prior to opening in January of 1977, its name inspired by the bar Joe Namath owned in New York’s Upper East Side called Bachelors III.

Over the years, the original 45 seat restaurant with 10 original pizza toppings has grown into a 340 seat Peachtree City landmark with over 40 available toppings and the famous Potato Pizza. Jim and his wife Marilyn were married at Partners in January of 1991. While the ceremony took place in the 3rd dining room, the restaurant remained open for regular business.

Part of the success of Partners is the special dough Jim developed. The crust is crunchy, chewy and light and each is hand tossed to order. Partners uses a vertical cutting mixer that produces cheese crumbles instead of shreds, allowing us to use low moisture mozzarella that also happens to be low-fat. Many pizza restaurants try and distinguish themselves by coming up with a secret pizza sauce recipe, but it’s no secret that we have used canned sauce from day one. Jim and Marilyn believe that if customers are satisfied with the current sauce then don’t change it. We have developed our own recipes for Partners Special and Bleu Cheese salad dressings that have become locally famous and are highly revered.

Bottom line is that we’ve never skimped and always use quality ingredients and toppings. We make every effort to keep our customers happy and would like to thank both old and new for your continued patronage.